Protection and Fabric Treatment

When you take care to select the finest fabrics & furnishings, those items deserve the finest care.  Bobcat offers its clients a full spectrum of fabric protection services, customized to all types of textiles.  Let our experts extend the life of your textiles with Total Guard Fabric Protection, Flame Guard, UV Guard, Mildew Guard, and Moth Guard.  Treatments are available for raw yardage of fabrics and ready-to-install items. 

Total Guard

Total Guard is an invisible shield for your textiles, protecting against stains without changing the color or feel of the fabric.  Bobcat knows that not all fabric treatments are created equal, and to be effective you need long-lasting stain protection.  Total Guard quickly adheres to fibers as it’s applied and will not be removed until your items are professionally wet cleaned.  This allows you the peace of mind to enjoy all of your fine furnishings.

Total Guard is colorless, odorless, dries in minutes, and does not alter the look or feel of your textiles.  It is water repellent, oil resistant, and dry soil resistant.  It works by increasing the surface tension of your textiles so that soiling and stains do not as easily penetrate them.  
Of course, nothing is completely stain proof or maintenance free, but Total Guard reduces the risk of stains, and with normal care your textiles will continue to look beautiful for years to come.  
We also offer free sample treatment of your fabrics so that you can see how they will look and feel with the application of Total Guard.  

Flame Guard

Bobcat features California State Certified Flame Proofing services for all types of textiles.  Flame Guard can be applied to meet the codes and regulations of all types of commercial installations – hotels, hospitals, restaurants, educational facilities, and other public spaces.  It is safe for wools, silks, and many other high-end fabrics.   In addition, Flame Guard treatment is FAA-approved for airplane safety.
Bobcat will tailor the application of Flame Guard to meet your specifications.  We also offer free sample treatment of your fabrics so that you can see how they will look and feel with the application of Flame Guard.  

UV Guard

UV Guard protects fabrics from sun fading.  It is ideal for outdoor fabrics or indoor fabrics with significant sun exposure. UV Guard extends the life of dyes without changing how the fabric looks or feels, and has been proven to slow down UV degradation by three times its normal rate.  This is a very advantageous treatment for beach & desert homes, as well as poolside lounges and rooftop upholstery.

Mildew Guard

Bobcat’s Mildew Guard treatment is perfect for outdoor fabrics that are exposed to the elements.  It shields from moisture damage, is completely undetectable, and is safe for all types of textiles.  

Moth Guard

Bobcat offers mothproofing services to protect to fine wools from moth damage – a problem that can go undetected in many homes until visible damage has occurred.  The application of Moth Guard is ideal for wool furnishings located in wooded areas or items being put into storage.  Moth Guard is a highly effective non-toxic treatment that will not alter the look or feel of your textiles, while safeguarding against moths and their larva.