Laundering Services

Bobcat gives its clients’ textiles and the environment the finest treatment.  Using a unique wet cleaning process featuring Miele Professional Technology, Bobcat’s cleaning is safe for of all your fine linens, bedding, down-filled items, and slipcovers—and is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning.

The Miele Way

Professional cleaners have long known the penetrating power and cleaning capabilities of water.  With the help of major breakthroughs in laundry detergent technology, the Miele System can safely clean items previously requiring “Dry Clean Only.” 
Miele wet cleaning has seven primary benefits:
   1. Gentler than hand washing
   2. Fresh, clean scent
   3. Soft to the touch
   4. Kind to sensitive skin
   5. Safe for your textiles
   6. Perfect for removing stains
   7. Gentle to the environment
Miele’s washing action uses an extremely gentle drum rhythm, patented fiber protection and low water levels to coax dirt and stains from your most delicate silks, wools, linens, and cottons.  By giving textiles a smoother ride, and by utilizing ecologically friendly detergents, the system is gentle, not just to your textiles, but to the environment as well.
Wet cleaning: Miele perfected it, Bobcat has it and you will love how it cares for even your most delicate heirloom.