Bobcat’s cleaning services take the stress out of maintaining your home or business.  We clean all textiles, from carpets and area rugs to draperies, fabric walls, and all types of upholstery items.  Our technicians are trained to use only the most environmentally conscious products with the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.  
Depending on your needs, all cleaning services can be performed onsite or at Bobcat’s own cleaning plant in West Los Angeles.  We take pride in every step of the cleaning process and always guarantee to give each piece the individual attention required to make it look its best. 
Bobcat specializes in cleaning all fine textiles, including silks, sisal & sea grass, linens, wools from around the world, and leathers & suede of all types.  Our cleaning services are tailored to be gentle yet effective and to meet the demands of your lifestyle. 
There’s no need to compromise cleaning quality to ‘go green’.  When Bobcat cleans, you know you are getting the best cleaning for your home and the environment.