Bobcat’s cleaning services take the stress out of maintaining your home.  We clean all textiles, from carpets, area rugs, draperies, and upholstery, to wools, silks, and leathers. 

Protection & Fabric Treatment

When you take care to select the finest furnishings, those furnishings deserve the finest care. Bobcat offers its clients a full spectrum of fabric protection services, customized to all types of textiles.

Repair and Restoration

Even with careful handling, sometimes textiles still need some extra attention. Bobcat offers repair, restoration, and conservation of fine wall hangings, area rugs, and carpet.

Laundering Servicesepair and Restoration

Bobcat gives its clients’ textiles and the environment the finest treatment. Using a unique wet cleaning process featuring Miele professional products, Bobcat’s cleaning is safe for all your fine linens, bedding, down-filled items, and slipcovers–and is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning.

Carpet & Textile Inspection

Contact us to lean more about our Carpet & Textile Inspection services!


You name it, we’ve cleaned it! Bobcat offers many unique services to meet all of your cleaning and textile needs.